The success of "Tissue World Asia 2008"
2009/8/17 14:57:57  |  点击:0

The "Tissue world Asia 2008" was held in shanghai international exhibition center from Nov19 to Nov 21.

The Tissue World was held  three times every two years. As we know,China has became a big power that produce and consume  tilet paper. In 2007,China produced about 4.1 million tons of toilet paper and consumed about 3.572 million tons. It is estimated that in the following years,the market share of  top grade toilet paper will boost in a high rate. the success of the exibition can help to improve the relation ship between the suppliers ,manufacturers and the distributers.

The exhibition attracted more than 96 overseas companies from 20 countries and 55 domestic companies. the exhibition can help the related industries know the newest  equipment and technology of paper industry .